Step 7 - Create guide file

On the fithh tab of the GeoDataFarm dialog, Loaded data set, you find the button Create guide file. When you press it you get this dialog.

  1. Select which data set that you want to base your guide file on.
  2. Select the attributes that you want to use from the data set.
  3. All attributes gets associated with one [number].
  4. Here you write the equation for your guide file. In this case the guide file is going to be equal to 100 + the average altitude * 20
  5. When you have created the equation press Update and the max/min values bellow gets updated.
  6. Select what type of data that you to have in the output file (integer or float)
  7. The name of the attribute of the coming guide file.
  8. The name of guide file.
  9. Select where you want to store the guide file.
  10. The cell size of the grid that is created.
  11. The EPSG system, in 999 of 1000 cases is 4326 (latitude and longitude) the correct coordinate system.
  12. Rotation, if you want to rotate the grid se help bellow.
  13. Press Create guide file to generate the guide file.

Get the correct rotation

go to QGIS, 

  1. Change the EPSG to 4326 (press on the EPSG in the lower right corner and change if it something else than 4326).
  2. Zoom so you have the field edge to at the side of the screen
  3. Start change the rotation of the screen (in the right hand corner next to the EPSG)

Iterate step 2 and 3 until the field is aligned with the edge of the screen, then you have the rotation that you can use in the guiding file.