10 - Add Taskdata logs

How to retrieve data from your traktor or combiner etc. are different on each device. This guide will help you inserting Taskdata after retrieving it from the machine in to the GeoDataFarm plugin.

Currently it is only possible to import Taskdata from harvest data. To do go to “Import data” and “Harvesting”, in the list select “Iso Bin XML files” and press “Open the file and save it”.

  1. Press on “Select taskdata folder” to get a dialog and select the folder that contains the Taskdata and TLG files. (This will fill the first table to the left).
  2. You will now get a list that contains one row for each TLG xml/bin file. If you don’t want to include all deselect the “include”.
  3. Press “Find their field”. This process takes some time, since all data (in the selected tasks) in taskdata folder are being “decrypted”. (This will fill the second top table to the right and the first bottom table to the left).
    Then you can see that the second and third row is empty, this means that the plugin didn’t find any data in TLG00002 and TLG00003.
  4. Make sure that the Field is correct, else change to the correct field.
  5. Select which crop was harvest.
  6. This is a list with all the columns in the TLG files.
  7. Go through the list and select/change the unit of all columns.
  8. When the unit is changed the “Scale” will also change, this can also be edit manually.
  9. Select the rows with the most interesting data (e.g. the yield and moister) and press on “->” to get them in the parameter list.
  10. Press Store data to save the data. This will take a while.